Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hey, those Socks are sure sexy.

I am not sure if this article is about really about sex research or about the benefits of socks and the success of the sex act.
I am sure there is some serious research here. As you read the article, try to visualize yourself as one of the researchers in the lab, watching your subjects.
I could not stop laughing. Is it just me?



Automatt said...

Link doesn't seem to be working for some reason... :(

HypnoBob said...

You know, I keep stopping back here, to see if any have posted or made comment. It seems rather deserted, as Blogs go.

Anyway, on the subject of socks. As kids, we liked to do our thing and leave the subject of socks to chance. Now I find that as I get older, the subject of socks is less relavent. Maybe I wear them to avoid athletes foot, or prevent disease, but as a rule they are more of a bother, and they reduce the enjoyment of a good fitting shoe.

If I had to wear socks, I would have to say that it is not an enhancement of the foot - shoe experience.

I do, however recomment socks to the younger set, as there are some foot fungus problems that you just can't get rid of these days.


davidingals60979188 said...
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