Monday, July 28, 2008

Aids and Mindful Meditation

A UCLA study shows that mindful meditation is affecting the immune system response with AIDS in a very favorable way. This would seem to be a direction to pursue in finding out how to make the body do the self healing that it is already capable of. If mindful meditation can have this immediate and measurable effect on the immune system and it’s affect on AIDS, then hypnosis may possibly have an even more profound effect. There is a man who claims to have cured himself of AIDS with hypnosis, NLP and nutrition. He has proof and it is a result of using what the body and brain already has.

No side effects. But since the big pharma can’t patent it and charge money it won’t get the attention it should. I mean really, this is from UCLA!! And the only mention I found in a press release was from the HINDU TIMES! It took a lot of searching to find the UCLA source. Why wouldn’t our news report something so significant?

Don’t answer that.

Here is the study from UCLA. Use of Mindful Meditation for AIDS.
I think that hypnosis would achieve even better results than mindful meditation because of the targeted use and specific instructions to the brain, using the methodology that has been researched to make immune system changes. Hypnosis for stress relief is one way to avoid the stress related illness that affects everyone.

Today, I will record my new Hypnosis Body Mastery program. This is just too good to not have it ready immediately. Right now it will say out of stock, depending on when you are reading this.

I will offer it as a pre-order item later today, after I get it put on disc. Make sure you are subscribed to my hypnosis newsletter for updates on availability.

Watch the video on using hypnosis for healing right here. Part 1 gives you the basic start so you can learn hypnosis.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Revolution seminar, March 21-23

Are you struggling with Addictions?
Have you given up Drugs, Alcohol, gambling, computer addictions, shopping, smoking... and still feel weak?
Do you fight cravings after days or years of quitting?
Are you ready to move on and really live?

The Revolution is for you.
Read more about it here- THE ADDICTION PROJECT

Watch the VIDEO HERE

March 21st, Friday 6 pm- March 23rd, Sunday at 6 pm.
Newport Beach, California.

3 ways to attend.

1- VIP members $1500
2- Revolution, New Member $1200
3- Revolutionaries, previous attendee, 2 for $250

1- VIP includes:
VIP members- sign up now! Only 10 tickets available.
Includes a small private group session each night. (3 times). This is a special manifesting session to give you personal focus and define what it is you are attracting. We will trouble shoot your manifestation and then do Wendi's Power Surge... an intense manifesting trance session that will move your soul!

Includes a brand new Djembe drum of your choice to keep! (hand carved from Kingy Mensah in Ghana) $295 value.
Includes 3 coaching sessions, 30 minutes each with Jaime or Wendi. A $900 value.
Includes an additional certificate to half off any future seminars, including The Addiction Project Training for therapists.
VIP member- Regular price $1500, get it now for only $1200. Only 10 of these are available.
Enroll now as VIP

2- Revolution, GOLD- New Member
$1200 for 3 days.

It includes a private session with a local hypnotherapist (work on any issue), value of $150.
It includes a gift pack of mind changing and soul expanding CDs and DVDs. Value of $400.
It includes a second ticket to this event, for a friend or to sell or give away. Value of $1200.
It includes a certificate for $50 off a Djembe drum from the amazing Kingy Mensah.

All of this for only $1200!
Sign up this week, by March 1st at midnight and get this entire package for $900!
(remember we are giving you an extra ticket to share or sell, no bonuses, admission only)
Enroll in GOLD member ticket here

3- Revolutionaries, previous attendee, 2 for $250
Bring a Friend! If you have attended our previous Revolution, this is for you!
Previous attendees at Revolution!
Want to come again? You get all of this for only $250.
(Yup it includes the extra free ticket to give to a friend)
Enroll in member ticket here

THE INTENSIVE- Ready for a full month of private hypnotherapy?
Attend the seminar AND have 3 powerful sessions each week, 12 in a month.
A therapist who cares, is outstanding and trained by Wendi Friesen.
$2997.00 More info and Reserve Here

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hypnotic Hawaii with Wendi

New video for Hawaii retreat!

See the WHALE SHARK VIDEO at the bottom of this blog...
just scroll down. It is the last one.

BONUS, get signed up for the retreat, and for the next TWO
who reserve their spot (only $200 to reserve it) you will bring
a friend for only $500! Hurry, limited to the next two.

The Hawaiian Haven
Get the FULL brochure, details and requirements here.
See the high quality video here

A Hypnotic Retreat with
Wendi Friesen,
the Dolphins, Whales and Lava
April 16th- 23rd, 2008

Everything Changes
If you are ready for a week of beauty, bliss, and hypnotic happiness...
Join me in April for an amazing journey on the Big Island in Hawaii.

(only 14 openings are available, please make your deposit today)

On the Kona Coast you will live on the resort that has an amazing ocean view and is a ten minute walk to our bay where the dolphins come in to play. Everything will be ready for you... the retreat center is beautiful, the food will be healthy and fresh and the hypnosis session will transform your fears into dreams... Your limitations into power... Your worries into wisdom.

The resort will allow you to enjoy the fresh open air of the island with fresh papaya for breakfast, a massage in the gardens, a relaxing meditation in the morning and a peaceful nights sleep.

Each day we will explore an issue or fear that has been holding you back... love, money, health, success, letting go, creating, healing hurts, expanding your spirit.
After your breakfast and morning intention session we will head out for the bay to swim in the clear blue 80 degree water with the spinner dolphins. They come in from the wild to play and communicate. Our guide, James told me that there were Humpbacks visiting the bay today. You can stay in your kayak or dive in and snorkel with these friendly

Our resort has several beautiful open air bedrooms.

After our swim, we will relax with another hypno-meditation session to soak in the sunshine and learn to let go of the past. This will be a great start to our week as we focus on the power of gratitude for what our challenges and hardships have taught us and offer our gratitude as we let go.

During the afternoon you will complete some assignments to continue to release the past, to look at the purpose that these events have served and to prepare for the embrace of the present. After dinner of fresh healthy foods and abundant fruits and veggies, we will have another session to continue our resolving and embracing of our fears and limitations.

Our evening continues... with a variety of ways to expand our growth during the week. Created our focus and intention on this first evening will set in motion the direction that you will take on your personal journey.

Each day continues with a theme that is personal for you. What fears are you ready to resolve? Where have you held back and stopped yourself from being who you really are? What would you experience if you were 100% yourself?
Together with our group and individually, you will explore and expand and learn to love yourself deeply.

The Dolphins- In addition to the self exploration, we will have several dolphin swims.
We will do a night time scuba dive with the giant rays. (for certified divers)
We will hike to the lava that flows to the sea and have our offering and ceremony as we see earth being created.

And every night you will be tucked in after our pajama hypnosis session that will wrap you in a warm cocoon light, and you will program your dreams to experience a magnificent dream state.
And every morning when we awaken we begin again with a sunrise meditation.

If you have been battling a health issue this will be a week to heal and nourish. If you are ready for emotional strength and renewal this will your time to emerge. If you have held yourself back and are feeling stuck and unsure of what direction to go next, you will leave here with a powerful sense of direction.
There is nothing else like the amazing power of the ocean, the islands, the fresh foods, massage and hypnotic enlightenment all in one week.

Imagine... after multiple trance sessions every day, deep meditations, swims with dolphins and rays, hikes into sacred volcanoes and stars at night that will bring tears to you eyes... imagine how it could feel to connect with the islands, your spirit and the joy that you were meant to experience.

April 16th- 23rd, 2008

Reserve your space NOW for only a $200 deposit.

If you want to come early or stay later, you can stay extra days up until the 25th for $90 a day.
You can also come early, on the 13th and stay with us before the retreat.

During the in between time you can join on some dolphin boat adventures! We can visit the black sand beaches and take an excursion to the warm tidepools in the Hilo side to swim with turtles in the 90 degree aquarium like ocean tidepools.

7 nights, shared room.
All meals at the resort.
Transportation to events.
All hypnosis and meditation sessions.
A private session with Wendi.
All kayaks, dolphin swims, hikes, yoga, meditations.
A garden massage. (additional massages and services can be booked)
Drumming, painting, dance, music making, and as much joy as your spirit can handle.

$2900 per person.
Additional nights staying after or arriving before your retreat are $90 a night.

The retreat sleeps 16 people. Additional rooms may be available at local Bed and Breakfast Inns.

To reserve your spot today, go here to pay your $200 deposit. If you need a roommate we will match you up.
Remember, this is only open to the first ones that sign up. Airfare is very reasonable from most major cities. Fly into Kona, there are many direct flights from the West Coast. We can help you arrange this as well.

Join me for a journey of healing, heart and happiness!


A few important notes.

The dolphins are wild, they come in to the bay to play and explore. They love humans. It is very likely that we will have dolphins in our bay on several days, but if for any reason the dolphins are not in the bay during the week you are here, we will take an amazing boat ride with the man who blows the bubble rings and takes us for
magical dives with dolphins at sea. This will be something you will never forget.

The Lava hike is subject to the whims of our goddess Pele. The lava flow changes and is at times a short hike and other times a long hike. You will only be asked to do what you are comfortable doing.
You can also choose a helicopter flight over the lava for an additional fee.

Music- if you are a musician, you are encouraged to bring your instrument or make music on one of ours. A warm starry night with music offered to the darkness will be magical. I will be the one with the flute in the night. :)

Reserve your SPACE NOW with only a $200 deposit.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

$7 Seminar last chance, and Smoothies with Wendi!

Here is the Jaime and Wendi "drums on the rocks" video.
Scroll down for tickets to the seminar and for more information.
Watch it here.

Saturday tickets
Sunday Tickets

Important message from Wendi-
You just have to learn how to make a Ron Paul Smoothie.
Rachel Ray, eat your heart out.
And then for dessert, the Obama Smoothie... oh sooo smooth!

wendismoothie1Watch the Ron Paul Smoothie here
wendismoothie2Watch the Obama Smoothie here

Caution- Shocking content and massive adult inuendos.
No bananas were harmed in the making of these videos.

BE SURE to read the PS at the bottom of this email-
a Hillary smoothy is coming today!

Why should you come to the $7 seminar this weekend?
Read on... There is a massive beating involved.

News for your brain!
The $7 Seminar, Last Chance!
Is it ever a good time to quit smoking?
Jay Leno Show last night
The $7 Seminar
Weight, Procrastination and Addictions. Boom. Gone.

Come to Newport Beach, let me play with your brain.
January 12-13th

wendividpicWatch the video- come to the seminar.

Last Chance to get in!

Saturday is the double punch, weight loss hypnosis
in the morning and procrastination in the afternoon.
How many of you would like to stop eating junk food,
love working out and get the fat off?
And how many of you know for sure that you would be WAY more
successful if you just stopped procrastinating?

Great, let's get it going.

There are some seats left, sign up now.
Bring a Friend- and you get a FREE CD bonus when you walk in the door
with your friend in hand!

I will be putting you through several of my best and newest hypnosis
sessions, full length, in person. Sit in your chair or be flat on the
floor. Find out why people around the world have made such massive
changes in their lives with me!

Sunday is your day. Blow your addictive beliefs out of the water.
Disease or Choice? Are 12 step methods actually contributing to
relapse? First, the truth about addiction treatments-
Next a day of powerful hypnotherapeutic methods that are
specifically for ending addictive behaviors in your brain.

Yes it is true. I am bring Jaime Kessel all the way here from
Canada, along with over 50 Djembe Drums!
You will experience something that will drive your new beliefs
straight into your soul. The pulsing, pounding, passionate heartbeat
of yours, will resonate to freedom from addiction.
You will leave here clearly in control of your thoughts and actions.
Watch the Video

Addictions- whether you are struggling with Alcohol, Drugs,
Gambling, Shopping, Internet, Smoking, Fingernails, or any
other addiction, you will find that Sunday will be the
most valuable day of your life.

Saturday tickets
Sunday Tickets
Smoke should be coming out of my ears

This story really makes smoke come out of my ears and nose...
just because, it seems like being pregnant is a good enough
reason to stop smoking immediately.

When is it time to quit smoking?

There are 3 ways to stop smoking.
1- have a reason that is much more important than anything
else in the world (such as the one in the story below.)
2- stop buying them, stop lighting them, stop putting
them in your mouth
3- get sick of fighting and put yourself in control

Even if you don't use hypnosis, wouldn't being pregnant be
a good enough reason?
I know that quitting can be tough. It was for me 24 years ago,
when I didn't know anything about hypnosis. Hardest thing.
But after 1000s of clients who keep telling me that they instantly
and totally stopped after using my hypnosis CDs, is there really
a reason to keep smoking for even one more day?

Here's the story-

London, Jan 07 (ANI): Lily Allen is turning to hypnotherapy to
help her kick the butt now that shes expecting her first child.

According to pals, the pregnant British singer is also planning
to rope in top Harley Street hypnotherapist Susan Hepburn to
help her do so.

She wants to crack this. She realises it will be a struggle but
her baby is more important, The Sun quoted one friend, as saying.

The pal added that the singer was also aware of the influence
she had over people, especially kids, and wanted to be a
good role model.

Lily is aware that she is a role model and wants to portray a
positive image of herself for young people to look up to, the pal said.

Allen is familiar with Hepburn, for the latter also helped her lose
weight by training her brain to stop craving junk food. (ANI)
Stop Smoking today, make it easy. No kidding.
Get the CDs and love yourself.
Jay Leno, About that Scratch and Dent bit,
and the Super Scream.

jaypaulsignLast night I went to the live taping of Jay Leno,
so I could see Ron Paul. What fun! Sitting in
the audience is always a blast...
Jay Leno chose to highlight the ommision of
Ron Paul from the Fox News Debates.
Great move Jay!
It was funny though, before Ron came out,
Jay asked us all to NOT scream and yell too much, because it
would sound like he loaded the audience on purpose
with fans. Interesting... the response of the audience
would be so great for Ron Paul that he was worried it
would sound fake. He told us not to have orga$ms when
Ron came out. Even though no one knew he was going to
be on the show until that very day, the response would
still be overwhelming. Hmmmm.... Smoothie time

I guess you all liked that Scratch and Dent sale...
thank you for helping Karen clear out her cupboard of CDs
that were creeping into her office. Here's the thing about it-
Regardless of what time you "open" your email, the sale still
started on Friday afternoon. It doesn't start when you open
your email so try not to be so confused about why it is all
out of stock on Sunday.
Consulation prize-
Get this Super Scream package now. Only $77.77

Everything you need to get committed to doing
whatever it is you want today and every day.
A $209.50 value, only $77.77
Wow save a lot!

What's in it?
Timeline Journey CD set
Commitment CD
6 Elements of Change
Sweet Surrender
Release the Past
Quick Links...

Love you all!


PS- Today I will be making a Hillary smoothie.
Got ideas for ingredients?
Email me by responding to this newsletter.
Maybe I will add your ingredients.
Next, the Huckabee smoothie....

Before you get your political panties in a bunch,
I really like Obama, Paul and Huckabee and McCain.
Roll em all into one and we have ourselves a president.
It was a funny retake last night when Jay accidentally
introduced Ron Paul as the President. Hee hee.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year, Same old Resolutions

NEWS! From

Seminar January 12 and 13, only $7
Red Roses on the Beach
Hawaii Retreat in April, you, me and a bunch of dolphins
See the video of the amazing Dolphin Swims!

Change Everything...
On January 12 and 13th

Newport Beach, California

10 am - 6 pm

WOW! Only $7 per person

Here is the Drums and Rocks Video from Jaime and Wendi.

SATURDAY- Hypnotic Weight Loss and End Procrastination
SUNDAY- Addiction Freedom

Spend a Day with Wendi.
How will you feel about your Resolutions at the end of the day?

You have heard me say that Resolutions Suck. They reinforce failure and make you dive into yet another state of doom and gloom.

What is the danger, really? Is it just a simple thought about how you will do better next time, next month or next year?
Is it actually reinforcing your identity- the core belief about who you are and what you deeply about yourself?
If this IS what you believe AND another New Years Resolution is actually going to make it worse, what are you supposed to do?

Come! Join me! Spend Saturday OR Sunday, or both... bring a pillow. You are going to need it.

Jaime Kessel will be here with me. She is bringing a truckload of Djembe drums and you will experience a rythmic transformation of your beliefs and decisions that will be unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Jaime is a Blatant Enthusiasm Expert and after you and I explore and change the patterns, procrastination and self sabotage, she will blow the roof off the place with all of you beating your drums as you experience her transformational work.
Yup, you get to Dance to the beat of a different drummer.


Struggling with Food issues?
Fighting the Fat and gaining more weight every month?
Hate to workout and can't get off the couch?
Saturday 10am - 6 pm

Get committed to Healthy Eating, exercise, and the power to Do It Now.
10-1 We get into the nitty gritty of your core issues about fat, food and exercise.
2-6 Do It Now- the end to procrasination. Stop your struggle with procrastination in health, work, career, love or any area of your life where you sabotage your ability to succeed by procrastinating. Feel the amazing and unstoppable excitement of being a DO IT NOW fireball.


Addiction Freedom
Is your addictive behavior destroying your life?
Alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling, internet, video games, nailbiting, smoking. What is your addiction?
Sunday 10am-6pm

Learn how your brain creates addiction and understand the science of addiction. Is it a disease or a deeply embedded habit?
The method you will experience is unlike any other. The brain's ability to change and master entirely new sets of behaviors during trance states, makes Wendi's methods the most important breakthrough in overcoming addictions.

Learn the truth about rehab, 12 step and the unbelievable failure rate. Learn about the new discoveries in the brain's neuroplasticity that will change your thinking. Experience the rapid change your brain can make when you operate from an entirely new set of beliefs.

Get down and dirty with your core beliefs. If you are going to overcome addictive behaviors you have to go deep. These four hours will be spent getting into your personal core beliefs about your addictive patterns, find the positive intentions, change them, reinforce them, and blast your brain into the most powerful state of success in living a life that you love.

Note-- You will NOT be asked to talk about your addiction, and you will NOT be required at any time to discuss your personal struggle with addiction. During these four hours you will be asked to be honest with yourself, to do personal work within your own mind. If you decide to share personal information, it is up to you. No one will ask or expect you to reveal anything personal.

BEAT YOUR DRUM, and change your mind!

January 12 and 13th in Newport Beach, California!

As a member and valuable customer of, you are invited to a very special event. On January 12 and 13th, you can join me as we experience some of my newest and most innovative methods for making massive permanent change.

As you know, I am changing the way the world treats addiction. My trainings are creating an amazing buzz among rehab centers and drug and alcohol treatment professionals around the world. I want you to experience the methods, in person, that create such rapid change.

If you are struggling with Weight Loss Issues, Self Sabotage in any area of your life, procrastination and Addictions, this weekend is perfect for you!

Join me for Saturday, from 10-6 to explore the power of Hypnosis, NLP and Weight Loss, exercise and healthy eating. At the end of the night, you will go home and you might find it is hard to sleep as you feel a new excitement about working out and getting daily exercise. You will be amazed at how you forget about sugar, fast food and cravings. Get your brain wrapped around this with me on Saturday as I give you my latest and greatest hypnosis sessions in person. Bring a pillow, you are going to need it!

Also on Saturday afternoon, you can kiss your procrastination goodbye! You will feel the freedom and intensity of the most motivating process that exists. If you feel that you constantly sabotage your success in any area because you procrastinate, you have to be here. You will never again struggle with procrastination. I can't wait to see the look on your faces as I hug you goodbye!

On Sunday, it is the addiction freedom training. I hear from 1000s of people who have stopped drinking or using drugs but who are still plagued by cravings and doubt. Many tell me that they live in fear and doubt and their commitment is to be clean and sober is anything but solid. Stick with me for the day, let go of addiction, whether it is drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, shopping or internet. On Sunday evening you will be walking in certainty as you realize your commitment to a healthy life is now a solid core belief.

I will also reveal the truth about the parts of the 12 step program that almost guarantee a person will relapse. Find out what the 12 step based rehab centers don't want you to know about the real failure rate for treatment.

Get registered now.

Attend Saturday, only $7

Attend Sunday, only $7

Why am I offering it at this price? Most of you already know that my seminars are usually expensive and this time I want to make sure that it is available to EVERYONE.
Get a ticket for yourself and for a friend.

Do it now, since the space we have reserved is for only 200 people.

Sign up and come to beautiful Newport Beach, California on January 12 or 13th.
If you are staying overnight, there are several hotels on this list that you will enjoy and a wonderful beach to walk on. I like to watch the dolphins jump out of the water at sunset by the pier. Perhaps you will want to play on the beach for a while during your stay as well.

I can't wait to see you there!

If you decide to buy a ticket for a friend, BUY them a ticket as well TODAY, and when you AND your friend arrive I will give you a special CD as my gift, that will make you change while you sleep. You can use it every night to make your brain really WANT to live healthy. Sweet dreams!

I am totally excited (off the charts, actually) about the BEAT YOUR DRUM theme. I have a very special surprise this weekend. Jaime Kessel in coming and will help you discover something about yourself that you never knew existed. The rhythm of life will be pounding with every beat of your heart. You will never forget your time with her.

Get ticket for SATURDAY JANUARY 12th

My sunset.


When I go for a morning run on the beach, there are days when I see roses that have washed up.
Today there were roses and orchids lining the sand.
As I look out onto the endless blue water, I bless my day. I am grateful to be here, living and breathing, thinking and exploring. Today is a gift. The roses remind me that life is precious.

For the spirit that who's roses grace the beach... thank you for this moment. ~~Wendi

Hawaii Retreat!

Many of you know that I spent a while on the Big Island in Hawaii and loved it so much that I have put a special adventure on the calendar. You are invited.

The retreat can hold about 20 people and it is a beautiful spot overlooking the ocean and just a few minutes walk to the bay where the very friendly spinner dolphins come to play.

I have reserved the entire property for a month.

If you want to join me on April 4-10 or April 17-23, you can experience a magical week that we will remember forever.
In the morning, upon awakening we will eat fresh papaya and bless the morning with a group meditation.
We will go to the beach to swim into the amazing dolphin pods (last time I was there I played with about 100 of them) and learn how they like to interact with us. My brother Tim will show us the games that they love to play.

When we come back for lunch, with all raw healthy foods, we will have a group hypnosis session to experience and expand our awareness of what we are about to learn for the week. Every night we will have a group hypno-meditation and expand our senses until we glow.

During this week we will also walk to the lava flows at night, explore natural hot tide pools with friendly (and huge) turtles, and go deep into the rain forest for nature meditations.
The intention of our journey this week is spiritual, physical, and emotional. You will have the opportunity to heal your hurts, let go of fear, challenge your beliefs and grow. You will have me with you personally during the entire week.
Remember, each group is a maximum of 20. There are only two retreat sessions. If you are want to get your name on the list, you can email me at right away.

The airfares to Hawaii are very reasonable for April. If you are ready to get signed up, please contact me right away. I will send additional details and itinerary when I receive your email.

The cost is $2900, and includes your lodging at the retreat, all meals and all dolphin and adventure outings. (Scuba and Boat trips may have an additional charge)
The dolphins are all wild and come to the bay to play with the swimmers. They love to play games and communicate during the swims.

Love and light!


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Good Vibrations

I actually found, purchased and recieved a Mucaura's Pulsocon circulator.
It vibrates.

And after the video, when you have finished the traumatic memory experiment, be sure to put your before and after results in the comments below.
Be good!


If you are really serious about stopping the memories of your past, consider this.
Your brain is easily changed, with the right guidance. Subliminals will NOT help, affirmations will make the problem worse, and exposure therapy will make you crazy.
These three methods will help.
Release the past Yes, I must let go now
Release Negative Anchors (you will love this one) get it now
Time Line journey Heal big issues from your past

Monday, March 12, 2007

Mountains out of Molehills
Himalayan enduro- wrap my legs around this!
Radio show archives, listen to em while their hot

Today on WendiRadio we talked about mountains and molehills.

First, the titty talk and how you can use hypnosis (crazy stuff, I know) to increase your breast size. Don't laugh, there is actually some university research about this.

If you have not yet considered doing this, just order the hypnosis for breast enlargement and also take off $30. Use the coupon GROW.

And speaking of mountains, my friend Bruce and his wife Adele just returned from India on their 2 week motorcycle ride. If you were at the quantum manifesting seminar you met and loved Bruce. Read about his amazing adventures in india here.

OK, so now, I am so jealous of such a huge experience, I can hardly sit still. Apparently he is having trouble sitting as well, since his ass still has not recovered from sitting.

Here's the deal.
In September I am going on the enduro Himalaya trip. It is two weeks on motorcycles. I am committed, excited, and totally pumped. I need your help. This trip raises money for the children in the communities where they do the enduro. The trip is created to support the communities and I am now ready to raise money to make it happen.

Today- you can donate money to send Wendi up a big mountain, OR you can buy this special package of DVDs today.
Self Hypnosis DVD (2 hours), How to Hypnotize Anyone DVD (2 hours) and the Money Magnet DVD (6 hours).
Get all three for only $59. Your money goes directly to this trip, which means that it all raises money for a great cause.
You only get them if you use this link.
The offer will only be up until midnight tonight.

Radio Shows from days gone by

You can find the KSTE shows, ready for your listening pleasure, right here.
Listen the show (53 mb file) now, right here.

Find out what you missed, get some good information, and a download it onto your ipod type device.

Peace out.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Here's the Prize!

Did you guess correctly?
After about a zillion or so correct answers, I am completely unable to figure out how to distribute the prize to the people who guessed the mystery object.

This can only mean one thing. You are all on the honor system.

Winners only:
Use this link to get your Hypnotic, 3D, Brain Massage session.
No charge, just download and enjoy.
You must remember to wear headphones to get the Brain Massage effect.

Yes, I want it now! (big download, hope you can handle it)

For the rest of you, go here to buy it.
GET SUBSCRIBED to our newsletter for more free and unusual hypnosis sessions.
Sign me up!

Here is another really interesting 3D Hypnotic Brain Massage session. Read about it here.
I just love this one. You will too.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Mesmerizing facts

Yes, most of you are correct. More about mesmer here- nice article, fascinating story.
Some of you also included a reference to the glass armonica that Ben Franklin created, and Mesmer used to induce trance.
Although, the guesses that some of you had, about it being a vibrator to treat hysteria, is another juicy story.
The doctors had to do a treatment that could take an hour, to "relieve" the hysteria. In the interest of efficiency, they invented many ways to treat the women. More about this.
Yes indeed, it was a tough time to be a woman.
Anyone up for playing Doctor?

Monday, February 26, 2007

Looks like fun, where can I get one?

What are they doing?
Enter your guess, and tell me the name of this thing.

Put it in the comments. If you get it right, I will give you the prize. A super secret mystery trance session.

It's so secret, that even I dont know what I am going to put on the CD yet. If you guess right, you get to partake in the mystery hypnosis session.

Here is another pic of this thing.

It's old, it's hypnotic. Who made it? What did they do with it? Why did people love this thing?

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Enter your best guess below.

Catch you tomorrow!


Thursday, February 22, 2007

People say the darndest things

Ya know I get some whacky email.

Watch this video- I will read a few of the letters I get from people who take the online quiz, "Can You Be Hypnotized".

The quiz can be found here
Find out for yourself.

And take a moment to enjoy a few of the 1000s of emails I get from the deep dark places in the mind's of my subjects.

If you would like to learn how to hypnotize your friends, it really quite simple. The quiz will teach you how to create a simple trance state and how to make someone's eyes stick shut and their tongue fall out of their mouth.

Both handy tricks.

Short and sweet, but extremely valuabe skills if you want to rule the world, or at least convince your friends to do things.

Hypnosis Training, Part #1- Put your friend in Trance.
Go here to learn now

Hypnosis Training, Part #2- Fingers Stick Together
Yes, I want this

Hypnosis Training, Part #3- Tongue Falls out of the mouth
Go here.

Tell me what you want!

After you get good, let me know what hypnotic skill you want to learn next."
I will make a video and teach you!

Your wish is my command.

Go ahead, get creative.
I will reveal the super secret technique to getting your friend to do what you want. Just ask. Put your request in the comments below.


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There are 7 daily challenges,
to make you take action, stop self sabotage, create your life, and blast through your excuses.
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But... what do you do if it doesn't work?
How do you find your need to sabotage your success?
What will you do when all your manifesting and positive thinking falls flat?

I was poor. I had a big need to be rescued. I had no idea that in spite of all my wishing, visualizing, and believing, that I still had a deeper program running that would result in my staying poor and miserable.

Now, I am doing quite well, of course. It never would have happened without this system.

When I discovered it, resolved it, and replaced it with worthiness, everything changed. And as a result, I created an 8 step system to get you to be financially abundant.
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Here is the link for the How to Hypnotize Anyone DVD at half off.
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No coupons on this special. Resist the urge.

Put a smile on your face!


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Pain, Brain, and Yes you're insane

Radio Show Psychic Experiment
Pain Inflicting
Get Your Piano Tuned

Into Pain? Got a video you will love.

They gave the subjects pain, by electrical shock. Then offered to turn it up.
I know, I know. Some of you are saying "where can I get that job".

After inflicting the first round of pain, they gave them a pill that would intensify their sensitivity to pain.
More shocks of the same intensity. And of course, pain levels were higher.
Then they gave them all a pill that would make them resistant to the pain.
More shocks of the same intensity. And wouldncha know... the subjects had a very low level of pain.
Good drugs!
Of course (you probably guessed it) they were both placebos.

Watch the video here-

We are all so easily manipulated by belief, and placebos are a great example of this. As you watch the video, you realize how easy it is to perceive pain.
But it doesnt require a pill to get this affect.
Your brain is easily directed to a different response- more pain or less pain - your brain doesn't care. It just goes where you ask it to go.

Piano Anyone?
And if you want your brain to get good at something, like enduring electrical shocks during an experiment where you got paid $10 to be a subect, here is solid proof that it is good to practice while napping.
See the video here.

RADIO experiment-
Today (sunday) on WendiRadio, we did a little psychic experiment. Let's find out how good you did.
Post image on the comment section here. Later tonight, Sunday, I will pop back in and tell you what it was.

Here are your choices:
Additionally you can describe the object, color, type, etc.

A Hat
A Vegetable
A Truck
A Bed
The Ocean

The Radio show is on Sunday at 4 pm Pacific time, Talk 650 KSTE in Northern California.
Stream it at

It's your brain, better start using it.


Watch The Video »