Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Save Linny, save the world!

How will this end?
What will happen to Linny as she stays overnight in the storage room?
Will she escape?
Will she be rescued?
Only you can decide. Write the ending you would like to see. Use the comment link below.
Be creative.... Save Linny, Save the World!

Note: If you are not a fan of the show HEROES, this may not make much sense to you. However, you still may enjoy the use of duct tape and rope and Linny.

Perhaps we will need to bend time to save her. If only we could find Hiro.

Please help us find a happy ending. Click the comments and tell us what happens next.



KJ said...

Little did Wendi know that getting caught was actually part of Linny's plan all along....

Here she was, alone in the store room, bound and gagged. Perfect. She had hidden a small DVD player, with earbuds, behind the stacks. Once she was alone, she slowly and carefully managed to pull it out of hiding. It took time, with bound hands -- but she had some time. Next, she got a copy of "The Big O" DVD. She worked it into the DVD player, maneuvered the earbuds into her ears, put it on "repeat", and hit play.

It was a long night in that storeroom, but a lovely one. She was alone, bound and gagged -- what fodder for fantasies. And with the duct tape over her mouth, her moans would be stiffled. And since she had all night, there were going to be plenty of those.

When Wendi came into the storeroom the next morning to check on her, she was sitting obediently. She was breathing hard, and sweaty, and her grin could be seen through the tape. She'd had a very good night...

Anonymous said...

Linny drifted off into a deep sleep. And then she began to dream of being flying free thru the universe, touching all the stars and planets. When she was at the farthest reaches of the universe, a great being took off the duct tape and unbound her. Linny drifted back into the store room and woke up, freer and more clear than she had ever been. "Thank you, O Great One", she said. And then she bowed at the lotus feet of The Queen, and went back to work.

Anonymous said...

Just as night fell, Linny snuck out of the storage room and took a look at Queen Wendi's e-mails. Tons of orders had come in, and Linny smiled as she went back into the storage room and proceeded to rid the room of all the scratch and dents.

As the morning light arrived, Linny tied herself back up- after all, she had to make it look as if she was hopelessly tied up- and acted like she was struggling to get free.

Prince Hiro walked in, looked in horror to see Linny tied up. So he untied Linny- who was secretly giggling. As soon as she was free, she hugged Hiro and said "you're my hero, Hiro." (okay...a hero named Hiro...hmmm...anyway).

Linny and Hiro went back to their desks and began work. It was about an hour later that Queen Wendi arrived, went to check on Linny in the storage room. To the queen's surprise, the storage room was empty of all the scratch and dent items. The queen yelled out "Linny!"

Linny ran up to the queen. She was nervous, and crossed her fingers.

"Where are all the scratch and dents?", Queen Wendi asked.

Linny didn't answer fast enough, so the queen asked again.

"During the night," Linny said, "Customers had raided the storage room, and they had bought all of the scratch and dents."

"All of them," the queen asked.
Yes, my queen and master. All of them."

So the queen looked at the financial books. And to her astonishment, the spreadsheet shown that every item had been bought. Every credit card order approved. The queen danced and danced all through the office. She hugged Linny- even gave her a kiss- and said, "Linny, you're my hero. You're getting a BIG raise and some very BIG Christmas presents this year.

And so it was in the Kingdom- er, Queendom of Wendi, that the remaining workdays became easier. And a lot happier ever after.

Anonymous said...

As soon as Wendi left the room, a tall dark handsom man came out of the shadows, he released Linny's bonds & explained he was just about to ask directions to the main office when he observed Wendi rage into the store room and remonstrate with Linny.

The handsom mans name was Steve, he was a top human resource manager, who advised Linny on her treatment by Wendi.
It was the start of something very special between them.

Jen Beaven said...

This is what really happened...

Anonymous said...

So...umm.... what happened to her? There's no update! Update please!!

mstrhypno said...

Wendi, I am surprised at You! Using rope and duct tape... I mean REALLY!

You are a HYPNOTIST! You don't NEED any of THAT to hold someone in place...!

With tongue firmly in cheek,

Your hypnotic friend,

Lee Darrow, C.H.

Spiritual Smarts - David Michaels said...

Hilarious! Poor Linny. Fortunately, I can bend time. :)

Superhero David

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