Monday, July 28, 2008

Aids and Mindful Meditation

A UCLA study shows that mindful meditation is affecting the immune system response with AIDS in a very favorable way. This would seem to be a direction to pursue in finding out how to make the body do the self healing that it is already capable of. If mindful meditation can have this immediate and measurable effect on the immune system and it’s affect on AIDS, then hypnosis may possibly have an even more profound effect. There is a man who claims to have cured himself of AIDS with hypnosis, NLP and nutrition. He has proof and it is a result of using what the body and brain already has.

No side effects. But since the big pharma can’t patent it and charge money it won’t get the attention it should. I mean really, this is from UCLA!! And the only mention I found in a press release was from the HINDU TIMES! It took a lot of searching to find the UCLA source. Why wouldn’t our news report something so significant?

Don’t answer that.

Here is the study from UCLA. Use of Mindful Meditation for AIDS.
I think that hypnosis would achieve even better results than mindful meditation because of the targeted use and specific instructions to the brain, using the methodology that has been researched to make immune system changes. Hypnosis for stress relief is one way to avoid the stress related illness that affects everyone.

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GoWishDare said...

Great post, as always Wendi.

Also it's been shown that deep levels of sleep (delta) combined with meditation and hypnosis shows an enormous increase in the immune system.

The mind just continues to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

Most people have heard about the fight or flight response. This is a physical response which is displayed automatically when we face danger or an alarming circumstance. This is how our bodies react to take care of itself, to get out of danger, either by fighting or by running to get away from the danger.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow. You must have pissed someone off, Wendi. Your Blog, not your website, has a Poor rating from Web of Trust. This is not good. If anyone (like me) who has the software installed with Firefox, it pretty much blocks them from going to your site, saying it's a "bad" site. Usually only sites with Malware or other stuff on it gets a Poor rating. You should really look into that.

NLP Way said...

Most people don't want to be hypnotized because they fear of it.. They have seen that hypnosis have used to fooled people on TV show. However, hypnosis is really useful for our life.

Ben Tien

sarah said...

I was always fearful of being hypnotized because I thought I may never snap back out of it. However, after a traumatic experience I sought after hypnotherapy and my anxiety was slowly controlled into a far more manageable state. My life has improved tenfold.