Saturday, April 30, 2005


After I send my newsletters, I recieve some really fascinating responses. One that showed up this morning was suggesting that I make a documentary about the making of Penn and Teller's show, Bullshit. I could interview other people who were on the show and make it an expose of all the blantant lies they are telling.
Great idea. Since I have a film crew (seriously, I do) I can put it together rather quickly. (Well, quickly in terms of how long it takes to make a documentary.
I am SO on this.



logisticsgirl said...

Hi Wendi -

Another cool piece to you blogging.. is that I finally set up a blog account to reply to you.
-Your kind of helping to keep cyperspace spinning.

As I read your post I realized how hard it is to have been put in the position you were and how unfortunate. BUT how cool is it that you have this tool today to reach out and say, "Hey! wait a second, time out". There was a time not long ago someone would just have to take it in and accept it but by blogging you could express yourself. Know what I mean? It seems healthy and I'm glad you let it be known that what was said was untrue.

I haven't ever seen the show and by the replies so far I'd say it is that popular. After all, one can't believe they hype can they?

I love your tapes. I've ordered several I would LOVE a session with you but live half way across the country. Oh well.

Be well.

Anonymous said...

I think there is plenty of truth to what that show said.. even all these years ago... and maybe you just have to face the reality ... that what you are selling... is a total farce.