Friday, May 06, 2005

Hypnotically Enhanced

Hypnotically Challenged
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I have an army of helpers that are ready for battle. That rascally rabbit Penn Jillette, will soon have to face the truth. Details will come.

In my newsletter I have shared my thoughts about Terry Schaivo, Michael Moore, and a few other juicy topics. I always get an interesting response if the subject has an hint of a political opinion. One in particular, after my Monday's with Martha newsletter, said that although he used my Alcohol Freedom program to stop drinking (even though he never believed it would work) and he was very happy about the effect it had on his life, he would now never, ever, buy anything from me again. I totally understand that you dont want to see anything that even slightly smacks of an opinion when there is a controversy, but I dont understand why it negates all the good that is done. So, you quit drinking. Nothing else worked. Your life sucked. Along comes a set of CDs, le pouf, you are a non-drinker. BUT then, (gasp) you find out that I have an opinion about a woman in a coma and suddenly everything else I do is unworthy.
I wish that man well, hope he is still staying sober and loving life. But he sure doesnt like me anymore.

I have a question. You can answer in the comments section below. Have you ever had a dream that predicted the future? Not predicted really, but a dream that was very real and then the next day or so you realize that your exact dream is happening in detail, just the way you dreamt it?
Tell us about it below. I will tell you about mine next time. It is happening more frequently. I think I am in the cosmic groove.



jen said...

I have read in a Sylvia Browne book that when you have a dream, & it comes true, (dejavue)(<- ?) it means you are at the right place in your life. Whether true or not, it could be good news for you. The scientific explanation is that it's a gap in your memory when something happens that you feel you dreamt. I choose to believe it means I am in the perfect place in my life, because it happened to me today.

bill said...

how do you know if hypnosis is working for you? what should you experience in a trance?

Wendi Friesen said...

Wow Bill. Big question. Well, little question, but the answer is a big one.
Some people experience a deep sense of relaxation and others have a profound and deep experience with vivid hallucinations (directed by me... or your hypnotist) that lead somewhere.
Most people are still aware of everything around them and most people can emerge at any time on their own.
The experience is different for everyone, and the success of your hypnosis session is based on the results. If you feel you are not hypnotized but you magically stop doing something (like you stop smoking for instance) then your subconscious mind was absorbing the suggestions.
Make sense?


bill said...

ok that makes sense

can it make me memorize tones?

Wendi Friesen said...

What do you mean by tones? Having perfect pitch perhaps?


bill said...


Pandabonium said...

The mindset of people who will attack you based on a single personal philosophical or political opinion even as they are benefiting from your work are aptly described by this poem:

You'll see in the sky
A rainbow in black and white,
Wearing sunglasses
Though which you can only see
Things either good or evil

From "Flowers and Bombs" by Kaoru Kobashi

It is an attitude which seems very prevalant in our culture. Ignorance is merely a lack of understanding best dealt with through wisdom and compassion.

bill said...

hello, I am still here.

can hypnosis help with the development of perfect pitch?

Wendi Friesen said...

Perfect Pitch
YES! Hypnosis would be an excellent way to train your mind to perceive the tone and lock it in.
I suggest using a partner and a well tuned piano. In a relaxed state, have the person play the first note, you could start with C if you are a keyboard person. Create a color for each note, and a disctinct image. This image could be anything from wavy lines to the letter c.
Now, do each note slowly, locking it in with a unique color and shape.

In fact, you just inspired me. I am going to make a CD for this today. I have a piano at the ready!


HypnoBob said...

A dream is an imagined experience, or experience relived in fantasy. (my interpretation) If imagination is the spark of creativity that describes a possible future outcome, then your dream has sparked your experience, or created (?) your reality. What we dream, we become. What we can imagine, we can create. Everything we can touch, see or taste today, was only imagined yesterday. (figuratively) Can we imagine ourselves wealthy, and wake to find our pockets bulging with coin? Can we dream of the perfect mate or lover and wake to find him or her beside us? Can we imagine ourselves to be non-smokers, and awake to find no need for tobacco? Imagination is another term that finds definition in the subconscious mind. Ormond McGill would say that creativity is in the imagination. Back to, "imagine it into existance." Expect it to happen. Want it to happen. Watch it happen. This opens a door to faith, which sees existance in the future, that is not found in evidence (from the past) or fact (from the present). We speak (through hypnosis) to the subconscious mind. We say to the mind that an injury does not cause discomfort. The mind (imagination/process) processes this information in the non-confrontational subconscious, and accepts that the signals from the site of the injury are not at all uncomfortable. The mind processes the signals and accepts them as "sensation" but not necessarily as discomfort. (Notice no occurance of the word "PAIN.") We ask the subconscious mind to process the feeling as numbness, pressure or comfort.
Question? Do we imagine comfort, or realize comfort. then-- Do we imagine Pain (discomfort) or simply process a feeling, as to experience it as "pain?" Anesthesia can bring numbness by blocking all sensation. (available through hypnosis or chemical means) Is this a dream? Is this a dream become reality? I have seen movies of surgery performed under hypnotic anesthesia. It works. Have the patients imagined that the surgery would not cause them discomfort? Reduction of scarring in burn patients, again, illustrates imagination. It too appears to work. Painless child birth? Imagination to reality. You expect it to happen. You want it to happen. You watch it happen. Sometimes this works in reverse, as in; "you don't want it to happen." We can give a client a glass of clear cold water, and suggest that it is vinager. The client will, if properly suggested, experience the taste of vinager. The cold water can be suggested "scalding," and the feeling of the cold water will be processed as hot. You tell me, do we only imagine it hot, or will the skin be blistered or turned red?
Pre-cognition and dreams must become the topic of another post.

HypnoBob said...

You spoke of Penn Jillette. I met him at a Magicians seminar a few years ago in Las Vegas. What A Guy. I highly recommend a book reading done by him. The title of the book is "The Golden Rule of Schmoozing" by Aye Jaye, the original Ronald McDonald. Penn Jillette read the entire book to tape. Get the book and the tape set. Lots of important material here.

Schmoozing: The authentic practice of treating others well.

Danno said...

I freqyently have nonsense type dreams that have no meaning at all..... that end up coming true only YEARS later. For instance, I had a dream about a conversation that I had with my wife only I had the dream 2 years before I even met the woman who became my wife and even then we lived together for 4 years before getting married. The dreams have never had meaning or significance but they still happened in exact detail. On one occasion I was able to say what someone else said word for word as they said it, and no it's not something you could have simply predicted based on the conversation, it was completely out of context for the conversation... that's what made me remember it so vividly. My wife isn't the only one I've dreamed about years before meeting them. I've also met another person who does the same. Unfortunately she found them to be quite disturbing where I feel they simply are what they are. Interestingly I had a dream about a conversation with her about a machine that wasn't even invented untill years after the dream happened. I'm interested to know your opinions/comments on this

Anonymous said...

I had a dream of seeing my great aunt and uncles' RV parked in front of my mom's house. I asked my mom the next day when they were coming and she said that there was no plans of them coming to visit and that she hadn't heard from them for a long time. I'm not sure if it was the very next day.. but within that same week... they drove up in the R.V. that was in my dream for a visit and parked exactly where it was in my dream. Weird.