Tuesday, May 24, 2005


On that last post, the question mostly went unanswered. I was hoping for bunch of fascinating answers and then I would enlighten all of you as to the relevance of the answers.
But, alas, a lack of responses means that I may never tell you. ;) My little secret.

I have a little dog. She is a Bichon. Cute as can be, never barks. Last night she barked up a storm in the back yard. I walked out to tell her to knock it off, but instead my squeals and screams went well with her barking. A nice size rattler was making noise of his own, coiled up and ready to get to know us up close.
The good thing about a rattlesnake in the yard is that the firemen all come over.
That is the only good thing... This 5' rattler was a bit scary. I'm hoping he didn't have friends nearby.


Pandabonium said...

This is a multiple comment.

I'm glad that you and your doggy are safe. I remember, a long time ago, hiking in California, I slid off the side of a ten foot diameter bolder and landed about two feet from a sleeping rattle snake. Lucky for me it didn't wake up until I was out of range and only then started to rattle. That kind of thing triggers a reaction from our evolutionary past and gives quite a jolt of adrenaline, doesn't it?

No fun for the snake either, I'm sure.

Last night I had a dream that I had a dream that an old college buddy came to visit me wearing a dark green trench coat. Then I dreamed that while I was awake, he actually showed up and was wearing a dark green trench coat, and so was I.

So, while I can't say I have had a dream that predicted the future, I had a dream that I had a dream that predicted the future.

Not what you were looking for. Sorry. And maybe that dream was influenced by your dream question.

Perhaps, with patience and promotion, your blog will become filled with participants with more relevant comments. I think that would be great.

Wendi Friesen said...

Very Cool! A dream of a dream It sure seems that you had a prophetic dream. It would be excellent to learn how to do this regularly.

I will work on that, as well. Lets see what we can do to direct our dreams.

Wendi <---- in Fiji!

Paula said...

Isn't that what your intuition program does? (program your dreams)