Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Red Carpet

While walking in Picadilly last night, I stumbled upon a lot of photographers and a red carpet.

I did my best to act interested in the celebrity moment, and caught a glimpse of Jude Law, Robin Wright (who the hell is that, anyway) and Bobcat Goldthwait (yea! Love him) and some chick named Melinda somethingorother. Turns out she was that nun that seduced Carlos on Desperate Housewives. Now you have my attention.

Apparently there were a lot of celebs attending some film event. If you ask me, the whole celeb worship thing is just weird. Yea, I know, who asked. But this guy next to me had some hermetically sealed plastic case with all of his celeb photos and autographs arranged in a way that allowed him easily access them at the right moment, and thrust them out to the celeb for a sig.

Weird, that this is actually what some people live for. It's not wrong, it's just weird. And the people who are clammoring for autographs are so seriously into their autographs.
Time for them to go home now, star treck is on in 5 minutes.


The busses are so slow, that my brother Tim and I decided to walk back from Picadilly. In case you are interested, it is about 5 miles to the Kensington Palace hotel.
If you stop at a few pubs along the way, it gets less painful.

Gotta sleep. Tomorrow morning I am speaking at Terence Watts APHP conference. Then off to France. Yea!
We have a contest that involves French kissing in France. I will explain later.


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