Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm In Love

I left London, after the APHP conference, and now I am in France.
This is my first time in France and I just love it. Crepes for dinner tonight... coffee that will keep you up all night, people who are happy and have a wonderful love and respect for their traditions, and ancient castles and forts.
In love with France- such a beautiul place. Today I am in La Rochelle. Love, love, love.

Funny thing about France- it's like they have a different word for everything... like they are speaking a different language or something. ;)


No Fat in France

In the land of crepes and crossiants it is hard to find an overweight person in France. If you do, they are probably a tourist.

Not kidding around- there is something going on here that just keeps people in good shape. They eat cheese, sauces, drink like fish, and enjoy their pastries- which are really tasty by the way. You haven’t lived until you have eaten a croissant in france. How on earth do they stay so thin?

By all standards, looking at the rows of cafes and pastries, these people should be rolling down the street on their triple chins. But no… they are not even sporting a little paunch.

I think I know why. I figured it out yesterday.

I was driving from Paris to La Sables (by the sea) and along the way I got hungry. In the USA I would find a handy drive thru and get some food to stuff down my gullet while driving. But car food is strangely absent from the French countrysid. No drive thru's.

No fast food, and certainly nothing to eat in the car. So, I am on a toll road and stop at the food place and want to get some food to eat IN THE CAR. That’s how we do it in America.

Car food.

But no, no, no.

Not a Styrofoam container to be found. Not a paper cup, plate or container to take my food into my car. Not even for coffee.

What the hell do these people do while in their cars, anyway? Just drive and look around?

The healthy food choices in this somewhat fast food café are tremendous.

Brie cheese, fresh fruit, yogurt, lean hot meats, hot vegetables, fresh bread, and more fresh fruit at the end of the line. Crazy French people. Eating fresh healthy food… and not one morsel to consume behind the wheel.

I got to thinking- if the USA had no drive thrus, and you had to actually find time to stop and eat a meal, and that meal offered you food that was not loaded with fats, salt or deep fried, what on earth would happen?

How much eating do americans do in their cars? And 100% of that car food is really bad for you. And if you had no drive thru how much less would you eat?

200 miles of driving yesterday and not one fast food drive through.

Interesting way to consume food. On a plate on a table with a fork- at a table. Who thought of this?

Some skinny people, no doubt. I think their on to something...

Stay well, and be happy. I will see many of you in London on Friday night at our seminar. Good times are coming.



lafon said...

Yes i'm french i live in bretagne - st malo

i'm very interesting about your work

i understand what you say - gooooood :-)

i hope i see you soon on the road of the bretagne



Liz said...

The weight and diet issue makes a lot of sense to me(a conscious American). France has been part of the slow food movement since 1989.