Thursday, February 22, 2007

People say the darndest things

Ya know I get some whacky email.

Watch this video- I will read a few of the letters I get from people who take the online quiz, "Can You Be Hypnotized".

The quiz can be found here
Find out for yourself.

And take a moment to enjoy a few of the 1000s of emails I get from the deep dark places in the mind's of my subjects.

If you would like to learn how to hypnotize your friends, it really quite simple. The quiz will teach you how to create a simple trance state and how to make someone's eyes stick shut and their tongue fall out of their mouth.

Both handy tricks.

Short and sweet, but extremely valuabe skills if you want to rule the world, or at least convince your friends to do things.

Hypnosis Training, Part #1- Put your friend in Trance.
Go here to learn now

Hypnosis Training, Part #2- Fingers Stick Together
Yes, I want this

Hypnosis Training, Part #3- Tongue Falls out of the mouth
Go here.

Tell me what you want!

After you get good, let me know what hypnotic skill you want to learn next."
I will make a video and teach you!

Your wish is my command.

Go ahead, get creative.
I will reveal the super secret technique to getting your friend to do what you want. Just ask. Put your request in the comments below.


Oh- by the way... this video called The Blast, is a 7 day program that will put you on the fast track to manifest your wildest dreams. It is a result of the Quantum manifesting seminars. If you watched THE SECRET, and you are wondering what you should do now that you know all this stuff, you will love The Blast.
There are 7 daily challenges,
to make you take action, stop self sabotage, create your life, and blast through your excuses.
As you can see, I am deeply engrossed. You will be too. It is on special. Cuz you are special. Get it here.

More specials today-

Financial Abundance CD set is half price. This is all about you making more money, being worthy of wealth and blowing out your obstacles to wealth.
Personally, I swear by it. These 8 hypnosis session are about finding your deepest issues about money, finding out what you really want, and making it happen.
Did you watch The Secret? Yes, it is a good place to start.
But... what do you do if it doesn't work?
How do you find your need to sabotage your success?
What will you do when all your manifesting and positive thinking falls flat?

I was poor. I had a big need to be rescued. I had no idea that in spite of all my wishing, visualizing, and believing, that I still had a deeper program running that would result in my staying poor and miserable.

Now, I am doing quite well, of course. It never would have happened without this system.

When I discovered it, resolved it, and replaced it with worthiness, everything changed. And as a result, I created an 8 step system to get you to be financially abundant.
Get the CD set with all 8 hypnosis sessions.
Make sure you listen when you have time to devote to digging through the issues. This is not for lightweights. It is for those who are serious.

Here is the link for the How to Hypnotize Anyone DVD at half off.
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Or get the 12 hour How to Hypnotize Anyone Seminar, with tons of Hypnosis lessons. Fun and just a little bit nutty. Half off!
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And here it is, your hot deal.
Hot Deal!
Winfield found a few spindles of our old DO IT NOW CDs, (same sessions and they have no place to go. Just lonely CDs, with the entire
DO IT NOW program. Won't you please help?
Only 15 bucks, they are in lovely paper sleeves, and will kick your ass into getting things done.
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No coupons. Got it? Good.
No coupons on this special. Resist the urge.

Put a smile on your face!



Dr Bryan Knight said...

LOL, Wendy. Now you're not only the Queen of Hypnosis Marketing but the Queen of Comedy too. Thanks for the laughs, and the fun guides.

tim said...

the pictures are of a baguet, a magnetic tub. it was created by mesmer. people used it for healing by enhancing their animal magnetism. i have some quotes listed below, but this one describes the drawing you posted exactly: ''Assistant magnetisers, generally strong, handsome young men, embraced the patients between the knees. . .until off they went, one after the other, in convulsive fits.'' -- A description of a ''mesmeric session'' for the treatment of hysteria, named for the German physician Friedrich Anton Mesmer, 1841

i found this description on the internet:
The patients were seated round a baguet or magnetic tub, of which Seifert, one of Mesmer’s biographers, gives the following description.

“This receptacle was a large pan, tub, or pool of water, filled with various magnetic substances, such as water, sand, stone, glass bottles (filled with magnetic water), etc. It was a focus within which the magnetism was con­centrated, and out of which proceeded a number of con­ductors. These being bent pointed iron wands, one end was retained in the baguet, whilst the other was connected with the patient and applied to the seat of the disease. This arrangement might be made use of by any number of persons seated round the baguet, and thus a fountain, or any receptacle in a garden, as in a room, would answer for the purpose desired.”

here is some more cool info:
In 1784, Louis XVI had established a committee consisting of the most famous doctors and naturalists of the age in order to investigate Mesmer's mysterious "animal magnetism". The committee's members included Antoine Lavoisier and Benjamin Franklin. The Report of the Franklin Commission concluded that Mesmer's "magnetic rays" didn't exist; and any benefits from such treatment came from auto-suggestion.

The committee also concluded that magnetic treatment was perilous for women since its effects might destroy their sexual inhibitions. This charge was later levelled against use of chloroform, ether and nitrous oxide in surgery.

last but certainly least:
Mesmer's habit of conducting his Paris healing sessions while dressed in purple silk and holding an iron rod did not add to his credibility with mainstream physicians.
- tim howley,