Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Mesmerizing facts

Yes, most of you are correct. More about mesmer here- nice article, fascinating story.
Some of you also included a reference to the glass armonica that Ben Franklin created, and Mesmer used to induce trance.
Although, the guesses that some of you had, about it being a vibrator to treat hysteria, is another juicy story.
The doctors had to do a treatment that could take an hour, to "relieve" the hysteria. In the interest of efficiency, they invented many ways to treat the women. More about this.
Yes indeed, it was a tough time to be a woman.
Anyone up for playing Doctor?


Anonymous said...

That all depends on who's the Doctor and who's the patient. And what sort of toys might be involved....

Steve Jump said...

I believe Franklin was also part of a panel conducting a scientific inquiry into Mesmer's work. I'm not up on the details, as it's been years since my last cursory glance at the report, but I believe the panel concluded that Mesmer's claims, or at least his theory of some sort of "fluid" or "ethereal" connection betwix Mermerist & subject, was bunk - to put it in Enlightment terms. "Skeptic" magazine had it's usual to-do with it in a special issue.

"It's all in their minds," to paraphrase the Franklin panel.

Anonymous said...

Well someone needs to be tacky...Was there a prize? Did all correct answers win, or just the first?

Tacky Anonymous said...

How could I have ever doubted? You're great, thank you ever so much!

Wendi Friesen said...

Doctor? Did someone say Doctor?

Just tell me what item of clothing I have to take off. ;)