Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Here's the Prize!

Did you guess correctly?
After about a zillion or so correct answers, I am completely unable to figure out how to distribute the prize to the people who guessed the mystery object.

This can only mean one thing. You are all on the honor system.

Winners only:
Use this link to get your Hypnotic, 3D, Brain Massage session.
No charge, just download and enjoy.
You must remember to wear headphones to get the Brain Massage effect.

Yes, I want it now! (big download, hope you can handle it)

For the rest of you, go here to buy it.
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Here is another really interesting 3D Hypnotic Brain Massage session. Read about it here.
I just love this one. You will too.

1 comment:

Caesar said...

Wendi -
you have gone from 'real nice' to 'smokin' hot' !