Monday, March 12, 2007

Mountains out of Molehills
Himalayan enduro- wrap my legs around this!
Radio show archives, listen to em while their hot

Today on WendiRadio we talked about mountains and molehills.

First, the titty talk and how you can use hypnosis (crazy stuff, I know) to increase your breast size. Don't laugh, there is actually some university research about this.

If you have not yet considered doing this, just order the hypnosis for breast enlargement and also take off $30. Use the coupon GROW.

And speaking of mountains, my friend Bruce and his wife Adele just returned from India on their 2 week motorcycle ride. If you were at the quantum manifesting seminar you met and loved Bruce. Read about his amazing adventures in india here.

OK, so now, I am so jealous of such a huge experience, I can hardly sit still. Apparently he is having trouble sitting as well, since his ass still has not recovered from sitting.

Here's the deal.
In September I am going on the enduro Himalaya trip. It is two weeks on motorcycles. I am committed, excited, and totally pumped. I need your help. This trip raises money for the children in the communities where they do the enduro. The trip is created to support the communities and I am now ready to raise money to make it happen.

Today- you can donate money to send Wendi up a big mountain, OR you can buy this special package of DVDs today.
Self Hypnosis DVD (2 hours), How to Hypnotize Anyone DVD (2 hours) and the Money Magnet DVD (6 hours).
Get all three for only $59. Your money goes directly to this trip, which means that it all raises money for a great cause.
You only get them if you use this link.
The offer will only be up until midnight tonight.

Radio Shows from days gone by

You can find the KSTE shows, ready for your listening pleasure, right here.
Listen the show (53 mb file) now, right here.

Find out what you missed, get some good information, and a download it onto your ipod type device.

Peace out.



Anonymous said...

Yippy! radio archives again! I've felt so lost without my weekly dose of Wendi, and I'm not around when your Sunday show is on.

I just realized I typed Yippy... thought about deleting it but thought it was funny and decided to leave it. :)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see something done to help with shallow breathing. I'd love to automatically be able to take full breaths instead of reminding my self to breathe every now and then.

Anonymous said...

I keep getting an HTTP 403 error
Forbidden it says... Sob....
This was to get the brain massage download.

You are the greatest!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Why am I in Love with your voice?
There are places in my heart, where precious
few shall ever go

Where love lights a glossy pallete and souls
true colors show

Each heart a drab uncolored canvass, a bleak
forbidding thing

Untill love shares her vibrant hues turning
winter into spring

My heart was once gray canvass, defying
skies of blue

Till love shared her rainbow brilliance from
a source both pure and true

Stan Arthur Bernard
Copyright ©2007 Stan A Bernard

Anonymous said...

see you on the Himalaya trip this September. I am sure your skills will come in very handy after the long, cold and wet rides, after all its a case of mind over matter.

EMILY said...

Brain massage?...hmmm, a new one on, but put me down for two.

Ah, the Himalayan trip, I'll be there too.
Are you serious?
Well it should be fun methinks!