Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Good Vibrations

I actually found, purchased and recieved a Mucaura's Pulsocon circulator.
It vibrates.

And after the video, when you have finished the traumatic memory experiment, be sure to put your before and after results in the comments below.
Be good!


If you are really serious about stopping the memories of your past, consider this.
Your brain is easily changed, with the right guidance. Subliminals will NOT help, affirmations will make the problem worse, and exposure therapy will make you crazy.
These three methods will help.
Release the past Yes, I must let go now
Release Negative Anchors (you will love this one) get it now
Time Line journey Heal big issues from your past


Anonymous said...

I'm new to the *world of wendi*, but I've been working with my first program and starting to see progress.

The *erasing traumatic memories* segment was fantastic and really hit the nail on the head with me - as this is my personal issue... kinda freaky!

Anyway, Just wanted to say thanks!


Ivan said...

I wonder why nobody seems to notice that you are such a sexy person, beautiful smile and legs to boot! I admire your wits and your beauty Wendi!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Wendi, I ve just done this technique whilst you were talking on the video and it really did work!I had he number 5 for an memory from work and now i is a mild 2. I did the process twice as on the video
How cool is that. thanks Wendi!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendi,
that was a great exercise and it really hit home for me because they way you explained it so vividly was much better than when I used to do this NLP technique a while back because you added all the sense to it and it worked. My disgust from snakes went from 3-4 down to 1. Actually as I think of the snake right now, I see that the poor little guy was as freaked out from me as I was from it. Hey, sorry little Snakey.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the California dinner invitation Wendi...If your ever in Edmonton Alberta Canada..I would love to meet you.. I hope you enjoyed the poem

Anonymous said...

I did the exercise(stan in canada)
5 was my level of fear before 3 is after. Your voice is so soothing..
Wish you were here this is the next best thing!

Anonymous said...

I went from 4 to a 1 so easily and smoothly with your help. Thank you Wendi! I love and admire you and your work so much. I can't get enough:)

(New Hypnotherapist in Seattle area)

angel4aheart said...

Dear wendi i listened to your erasing traumatic memories. I started with a 5 and ended with a 3 i want to thank you. My tramtic was being raped when i was 16 and a virgin,i have trouble believeing i can be loved for who i am and not what the men cant get. Thank you again for helping me.

Anonymous said...

I think what you are doing is great.

I have always been fascinated with Hypnosis.

I believe its the fastest way for self-development.

I do have a question though?

Does your "bed-wetting" CD work for adults?

Let me know