Tuesday, January 08, 2008

$7 Seminar last chance, and Smoothies with Wendi!

Here is the Jaime and Wendi "drums on the rocks" video.
Scroll down for tickets to the seminar and for more information.
Watch it here.

Saturday tickets
Sunday Tickets

Important message from Wendi-
You just have to learn how to make a Ron Paul Smoothie.
Rachel Ray, eat your heart out.
And then for dessert, the Obama Smoothie... oh sooo smooth!

wendismoothie1Watch the Ron Paul Smoothie here
wendismoothie2Watch the Obama Smoothie here

Caution- Shocking content and massive adult inuendos.
No bananas were harmed in the making of these videos.

BE SURE to read the PS at the bottom of this email-
a Hillary smoothy is coming today!

Why should you come to the $7 seminar this weekend?
Read on... There is a massive beating involved.

News for your brain!
The $7 Seminar, Last Chance!
Is it ever a good time to quit smoking?
Jay Leno Show last night
The $7 Seminar
Weight, Procrastination and Addictions. Boom. Gone.

Come to Newport Beach, let me play with your brain.
January 12-13th

wendividpicWatch the video- come to the seminar.

Last Chance to get in!

Saturday is the double punch, weight loss hypnosis
in the morning and procrastination in the afternoon.
How many of you would like to stop eating junk food,
love working out and get the fat off?
And how many of you know for sure that you would be WAY more
successful if you just stopped procrastinating?

Great, let's get it going.

There are some seats left, sign up now.
Bring a Friend- and you get a FREE CD bonus when you walk in the door
with your friend in hand!

I will be putting you through several of my best and newest hypnosis
sessions, full length, in person. Sit in your chair or be flat on the
floor. Find out why people around the world have made such massive
changes in their lives with me!

Sunday is your day. Blow your addictive beliefs out of the water.
Disease or Choice? Are 12 step methods actually contributing to
relapse? First, the truth about addiction treatments-
Next a day of powerful hypnotherapeutic methods that are
specifically for ending addictive behaviors in your brain.

Yes it is true. I am bring Jaime Kessel all the way here from
Canada, along with over 50 Djembe Drums!
You will experience something that will drive your new beliefs
straight into your soul. The pulsing, pounding, passionate heartbeat
of yours, will resonate to freedom from addiction.
You will leave here clearly in control of your thoughts and actions.
Watch the Video

Addictions- whether you are struggling with Alcohol, Drugs,
Gambling, Shopping, Internet, Smoking, Fingernails, or any
other addiction, you will find that Sunday will be the
most valuable day of your life.

Saturday tickets
Sunday Tickets
Smoke should be coming out of my ears

This story really makes smoke come out of my ears and nose...
just because, it seems like being pregnant is a good enough
reason to stop smoking immediately.

When is it time to quit smoking?

There are 3 ways to stop smoking.
1- have a reason that is much more important than anything
else in the world (such as the one in the story below.)
2- stop buying them, stop lighting them, stop putting
them in your mouth
3- get sick of fighting and put yourself in control

Even if you don't use hypnosis, wouldn't being pregnant be
a good enough reason?
I know that quitting can be tough. It was for me 24 years ago,
when I didn't know anything about hypnosis. Hardest thing.
But after 1000s of clients who keep telling me that they instantly
and totally stopped after using my hypnosis CDs, is there really
a reason to keep smoking for even one more day?

Here's the story-

London, Jan 07 (ANI): Lily Allen is turning to hypnotherapy to
help her kick the butt now that shes expecting her first child.

According to pals, the pregnant British singer is also planning
to rope in top Harley Street hypnotherapist Susan Hepburn to
help her do so.

She wants to crack this. She realises it will be a struggle but
her baby is more important, The Sun quoted one friend, as saying.

The pal added that the singer was also aware of the influence
she had over people, especially kids, and wanted to be a
good role model.

Lily is aware that she is a role model and wants to portray a
positive image of herself for young people to look up to, the pal said.

Allen is familiar with Hepburn, for the latter also helped her lose
weight by training her brain to stop craving junk food. (ANI)
Stop Smoking today, make it easy. No kidding.
Get the CDs and love yourself.
Jay Leno, About that Scratch and Dent bit,
and the Super Scream.

jaypaulsignLast night I went to the live taping of Jay Leno,
so I could see Ron Paul. What fun! Sitting in
the audience is always a blast...
Jay Leno chose to highlight the ommision of
Ron Paul from the Fox News Debates.
Great move Jay!
It was funny though, before Ron came out,
Jay asked us all to NOT scream and yell too much, because it
would sound like he loaded the audience on purpose
with fans. Interesting... the response of the audience
would be so great for Ron Paul that he was worried it
would sound fake. He told us not to have orga$ms when
Ron came out. Even though no one knew he was going to
be on the show until that very day, the response would
still be overwhelming. Hmmmm.... Smoothie time

I guess you all liked that Scratch and Dent sale...
thank you for helping Karen clear out her cupboard of CDs
that were creeping into her office. Here's the thing about it-
Regardless of what time you "open" your email, the sale still
started on Friday afternoon. It doesn't start when you open
your email so try not to be so confused about why it is all
out of stock on Sunday.
Consulation prize-
Get this Super Scream package now. Only $77.77

Everything you need to get committed to doing
whatever it is you want today and every day.
A $209.50 value, only $77.77
Wow save a lot!

What's in it?
Timeline Journey CD set
Commitment CD
6 Elements of Change
Sweet Surrender
Release the Past
Quick Links...

Love you all!


PS- Today I will be making a Hillary smoothie.
Got ideas for ingredients?
Email me by responding to this newsletter.
Maybe I will add your ingredients.
Next, the Huckabee smoothie....

Before you get your political panties in a bunch,
I really like Obama, Paul and Huckabee and McCain.
Roll em all into one and we have ourselves a president.
It was a funny retake last night when Jay accidentally
introduced Ron Paul as the President. Hee hee.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great seminar. I encourage everyone to go....
Ron Paul 2008.....Why did I say that, it just came out...