Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year, Same old Resolutions

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Seminar January 12 and 13, only $7
Red Roses on the Beach
Hawaii Retreat in April, you, me and a bunch of dolphins
See the video of the amazing Dolphin Swims!

Change Everything...
On January 12 and 13th

Newport Beach, California

10 am - 6 pm

WOW! Only $7 per person

Here is the Drums and Rocks Video from Jaime and Wendi.

SATURDAY- Hypnotic Weight Loss and End Procrastination
SUNDAY- Addiction Freedom

Spend a Day with Wendi.
How will you feel about your Resolutions at the end of the day?

You have heard me say that Resolutions Suck. They reinforce failure and make you dive into yet another state of doom and gloom.

What is the danger, really? Is it just a simple thought about how you will do better next time, next month or next year?
Is it actually reinforcing your identity- the core belief about who you are and what you deeply about yourself?
If this IS what you believe AND another New Years Resolution is actually going to make it worse, what are you supposed to do?

Come! Join me! Spend Saturday OR Sunday, or both... bring a pillow. You are going to need it.

Jaime Kessel will be here with me. She is bringing a truckload of Djembe drums and you will experience a rythmic transformation of your beliefs and decisions that will be unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Jaime is a Blatant Enthusiasm Expert and after you and I explore and change the patterns, procrastination and self sabotage, she will blow the roof off the place with all of you beating your drums as you experience her transformational work.
Yup, you get to Dance to the beat of a different drummer.


Struggling with Food issues?
Fighting the Fat and gaining more weight every month?
Hate to workout and can't get off the couch?
Saturday 10am - 6 pm

Get committed to Healthy Eating, exercise, and the power to Do It Now.
10-1 We get into the nitty gritty of your core issues about fat, food and exercise.
2-6 Do It Now- the end to procrasination. Stop your struggle with procrastination in health, work, career, love or any area of your life where you sabotage your ability to succeed by procrastinating. Feel the amazing and unstoppable excitement of being a DO IT NOW fireball.


Addiction Freedom
Is your addictive behavior destroying your life?
Alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling, internet, video games, nailbiting, smoking. What is your addiction?
Sunday 10am-6pm

Learn how your brain creates addiction and understand the science of addiction. Is it a disease or a deeply embedded habit?
The method you will experience is unlike any other. The brain's ability to change and master entirely new sets of behaviors during trance states, makes Wendi's methods the most important breakthrough in overcoming addictions.

Learn the truth about rehab, 12 step and the unbelievable failure rate. Learn about the new discoveries in the brain's neuroplasticity that will change your thinking. Experience the rapid change your brain can make when you operate from an entirely new set of beliefs.

Get down and dirty with your core beliefs. If you are going to overcome addictive behaviors you have to go deep. These four hours will be spent getting into your personal core beliefs about your addictive patterns, find the positive intentions, change them, reinforce them, and blast your brain into the most powerful state of success in living a life that you love.

Note-- You will NOT be asked to talk about your addiction, and you will NOT be required at any time to discuss your personal struggle with addiction. During these four hours you will be asked to be honest with yourself, to do personal work within your own mind. If you decide to share personal information, it is up to you. No one will ask or expect you to reveal anything personal.

BEAT YOUR DRUM, and change your mind!

January 12 and 13th in Newport Beach, California!

As a member and valuable customer of, you are invited to a very special event. On January 12 and 13th, you can join me as we experience some of my newest and most innovative methods for making massive permanent change.

As you know, I am changing the way the world treats addiction. My trainings are creating an amazing buzz among rehab centers and drug and alcohol treatment professionals around the world. I want you to experience the methods, in person, that create such rapid change.

If you are struggling with Weight Loss Issues, Self Sabotage in any area of your life, procrastination and Addictions, this weekend is perfect for you!

Join me for Saturday, from 10-6 to explore the power of Hypnosis, NLP and Weight Loss, exercise and healthy eating. At the end of the night, you will go home and you might find it is hard to sleep as you feel a new excitement about working out and getting daily exercise. You will be amazed at how you forget about sugar, fast food and cravings. Get your brain wrapped around this with me on Saturday as I give you my latest and greatest hypnosis sessions in person. Bring a pillow, you are going to need it!

Also on Saturday afternoon, you can kiss your procrastination goodbye! You will feel the freedom and intensity of the most motivating process that exists. If you feel that you constantly sabotage your success in any area because you procrastinate, you have to be here. You will never again struggle with procrastination. I can't wait to see the look on your faces as I hug you goodbye!

On Sunday, it is the addiction freedom training. I hear from 1000s of people who have stopped drinking or using drugs but who are still plagued by cravings and doubt. Many tell me that they live in fear and doubt and their commitment is to be clean and sober is anything but solid. Stick with me for the day, let go of addiction, whether it is drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, shopping or internet. On Sunday evening you will be walking in certainty as you realize your commitment to a healthy life is now a solid core belief.

I will also reveal the truth about the parts of the 12 step program that almost guarantee a person will relapse. Find out what the 12 step based rehab centers don't want you to know about the real failure rate for treatment.

Get registered now.

Attend Saturday, only $7

Attend Sunday, only $7

Why am I offering it at this price? Most of you already know that my seminars are usually expensive and this time I want to make sure that it is available to EVERYONE.
Get a ticket for yourself and for a friend.

Do it now, since the space we have reserved is for only 200 people.

Sign up and come to beautiful Newport Beach, California on January 12 or 13th.
If you are staying overnight, there are several hotels on this list that you will enjoy and a wonderful beach to walk on. I like to watch the dolphins jump out of the water at sunset by the pier. Perhaps you will want to play on the beach for a while during your stay as well.

I can't wait to see you there!

If you decide to buy a ticket for a friend, BUY them a ticket as well TODAY, and when you AND your friend arrive I will give you a special CD as my gift, that will make you change while you sleep. You can use it every night to make your brain really WANT to live healthy. Sweet dreams!

I am totally excited (off the charts, actually) about the BEAT YOUR DRUM theme. I have a very special surprise this weekend. Jaime Kessel in coming and will help you discover something about yourself that you never knew existed. The rhythm of life will be pounding with every beat of your heart. You will never forget your time with her.

Get ticket for SATURDAY JANUARY 12th

My sunset.


When I go for a morning run on the beach, there are days when I see roses that have washed up.
Today there were roses and orchids lining the sand.
As I look out onto the endless blue water, I bless my day. I am grateful to be here, living and breathing, thinking and exploring. Today is a gift. The roses remind me that life is precious.

For the spirit that who's roses grace the beach... thank you for this moment. ~~Wendi

Hawaii Retreat!

Many of you know that I spent a while on the Big Island in Hawaii and loved it so much that I have put a special adventure on the calendar. You are invited.

The retreat can hold about 20 people and it is a beautiful spot overlooking the ocean and just a few minutes walk to the bay where the very friendly spinner dolphins come to play.

I have reserved the entire property for a month.

If you want to join me on April 4-10 or April 17-23, you can experience a magical week that we will remember forever.
In the morning, upon awakening we will eat fresh papaya and bless the morning with a group meditation.
We will go to the beach to swim into the amazing dolphin pods (last time I was there I played with about 100 of them) and learn how they like to interact with us. My brother Tim will show us the games that they love to play.

When we come back for lunch, with all raw healthy foods, we will have a group hypnosis session to experience and expand our awareness of what we are about to learn for the week. Every night we will have a group hypno-meditation and expand our senses until we glow.

During this week we will also walk to the lava flows at night, explore natural hot tide pools with friendly (and huge) turtles, and go deep into the rain forest for nature meditations.
The intention of our journey this week is spiritual, physical, and emotional. You will have the opportunity to heal your hurts, let go of fear, challenge your beliefs and grow. You will have me with you personally during the entire week.
Remember, each group is a maximum of 20. There are only two retreat sessions. If you are want to get your name on the list, you can email me at right away.

The airfares to Hawaii are very reasonable for April. If you are ready to get signed up, please contact me right away. I will send additional details and itinerary when I receive your email.

The cost is $2900, and includes your lodging at the retreat, all meals and all dolphin and adventure outings. (Scuba and Boat trips may have an additional charge)
The dolphins are all wild and come to the bay to play with the swimmers. They love to play games and communicate during the swims.

Love and light!



Mimi said...

Happy New Year to u too, but why don't u have these semenars all over the USA I personally need this but can't afford to go to CA so please think about it.

zannierose said...

the january sessions look fab, I will just have to learn to teleport from London wont I! The April in Hawaii sessions look delicious too..wish I could be there..enjoy to all those who make it

zannie rose

Steve Ford said...

Wendy, I am a big fan of yours and have enjoyed several of your CD's in the past. Ever since I was a kid I had been plagued by migrain headaches. I got your CD on migrains and I am now headache free. It is incredible whay you are doing with rehab. 2008 is going to be the best ever. Best wishes and great success.

Anonymous said...

You are such a fascinating person and positive role model. I am so looking forward to the day when I will be attend one of these seminars. I have always been interested in psychology and the way the mind works. I am recently divorced and going back to college. Your materials have really helped me to decide to complete my psychology degree that a I started so many years ago. So many people are in bondage by their own hangups and beliefs. I want to have the knowledge to help individuals set themselves free just as you have. I listen to different sessions of yours on a regular basis and feel I am seeing so many things much more clearly. I can tell by your mannerisms and expressions on your DVDs that you are truly concerned about the wellbeing of your fellow people. Thanks for the insiration!

Maggie said...

Mmm. Sounds great. Pity I can't be there. Any way of sharing some of this on video for the rest of the world who can't make it over.

Maggie, UK