Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hypnotic Hawaii with Wendi

New video for Hawaii retreat!

See the WHALE SHARK VIDEO at the bottom of this blog...
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BONUS, get signed up for the retreat, and for the next TWO
who reserve their spot (only $200 to reserve it) you will bring
a friend for only $500! Hurry, limited to the next two.

The Hawaiian Haven
Get the FULL brochure, details and requirements here.
See the high quality video here

A Hypnotic Retreat with
Wendi Friesen,
the Dolphins, Whales and Lava
April 16th- 23rd, 2008

Everything Changes
If you are ready for a week of beauty, bliss, and hypnotic happiness...
Join me in April for an amazing journey on the Big Island in Hawaii.

(only 14 openings are available, please make your deposit today)

On the Kona Coast you will live on the resort that has an amazing ocean view and is a ten minute walk to our bay where the dolphins come in to play. Everything will be ready for you... the retreat center is beautiful, the food will be healthy and fresh and the hypnosis session will transform your fears into dreams... Your limitations into power... Your worries into wisdom.

The resort will allow you to enjoy the fresh open air of the island with fresh papaya for breakfast, a massage in the gardens, a relaxing meditation in the morning and a peaceful nights sleep.

Each day we will explore an issue or fear that has been holding you back... love, money, health, success, letting go, creating, healing hurts, expanding your spirit.
After your breakfast and morning intention session we will head out for the bay to swim in the clear blue 80 degree water with the spinner dolphins. They come in from the wild to play and communicate. Our guide, James told me that there were Humpbacks visiting the bay today. You can stay in your kayak or dive in and snorkel with these friendly

Our resort has several beautiful open air bedrooms.

After our swim, we will relax with another hypno-meditation session to soak in the sunshine and learn to let go of the past. This will be a great start to our week as we focus on the power of gratitude for what our challenges and hardships have taught us and offer our gratitude as we let go.

During the afternoon you will complete some assignments to continue to release the past, to look at the purpose that these events have served and to prepare for the embrace of the present. After dinner of fresh healthy foods and abundant fruits and veggies, we will have another session to continue our resolving and embracing of our fears and limitations.

Our evening continues... with a variety of ways to expand our growth during the week. Created our focus and intention on this first evening will set in motion the direction that you will take on your personal journey.

Each day continues with a theme that is personal for you. What fears are you ready to resolve? Where have you held back and stopped yourself from being who you really are? What would you experience if you were 100% yourself?
Together with our group and individually, you will explore and expand and learn to love yourself deeply.

The Dolphins- In addition to the self exploration, we will have several dolphin swims.
We will do a night time scuba dive with the giant rays. (for certified divers)
We will hike to the lava that flows to the sea and have our offering and ceremony as we see earth being created.

And every night you will be tucked in after our pajama hypnosis session that will wrap you in a warm cocoon light, and you will program your dreams to experience a magnificent dream state.
And every morning when we awaken we begin again with a sunrise meditation.

If you have been battling a health issue this will be a week to heal and nourish. If you are ready for emotional strength and renewal this will your time to emerge. If you have held yourself back and are feeling stuck and unsure of what direction to go next, you will leave here with a powerful sense of direction.
There is nothing else like the amazing power of the ocean, the islands, the fresh foods, massage and hypnotic enlightenment all in one week.

Imagine... after multiple trance sessions every day, deep meditations, swims with dolphins and rays, hikes into sacred volcanoes and stars at night that will bring tears to you eyes... imagine how it could feel to connect with the islands, your spirit and the joy that you were meant to experience.

April 16th- 23rd, 2008

Reserve your space NOW for only a $200 deposit.

If you want to come early or stay later, you can stay extra days up until the 25th for $90 a day.
You can also come early, on the 13th and stay with us before the retreat.

During the in between time you can join on some dolphin boat adventures! We can visit the black sand beaches and take an excursion to the warm tidepools in the Hilo side to swim with turtles in the 90 degree aquarium like ocean tidepools.

7 nights, shared room.
All meals at the resort.
Transportation to events.
All hypnosis and meditation sessions.
A private session with Wendi.
All kayaks, dolphin swims, hikes, yoga, meditations.
A garden massage. (additional massages and services can be booked)
Drumming, painting, dance, music making, and as much joy as your spirit can handle.

$2900 per person.
Additional nights staying after or arriving before your retreat are $90 a night.

The retreat sleeps 16 people. Additional rooms may be available at local Bed and Breakfast Inns.

To reserve your spot today, go here to pay your $200 deposit. If you need a roommate we will match you up.
Remember, this is only open to the first ones that sign up. Airfare is very reasonable from most major cities. Fly into Kona, there are many direct flights from the West Coast. We can help you arrange this as well.

Join me for a journey of healing, heart and happiness!


A few important notes.

The dolphins are wild, they come in to the bay to play and explore. They love humans. It is very likely that we will have dolphins in our bay on several days, but if for any reason the dolphins are not in the bay during the week you are here, we will take an amazing boat ride with the man who blows the bubble rings and takes us for
magical dives with dolphins at sea. This will be something you will never forget.

The Lava hike is subject to the whims of our goddess Pele. The lava flow changes and is at times a short hike and other times a long hike. You will only be asked to do what you are comfortable doing.
You can also choose a helicopter flight over the lava for an additional fee.

Music- if you are a musician, you are encouraged to bring your instrument or make music on one of ours. A warm starry night with music offered to the darkness will be magical. I will be the one with the flute in the night. :)

Reserve your SPACE NOW with only a $200 deposit.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a blast, but don't have the funds. have fun...

Scott said...

Wendi in a bikini .... one of my fantasies fulfilled.....wish I could make it......maybe next time!


holistichands said...

Need a reflexologist to add to the relaxing benefits? I would love to go & work the cost off!

Anonymous said...

Wendi - Dave and I would love to spend time with you in Hawaii - we will have to put our pennies away for another time.

Dave and Lenore

Bobby Herdman said...

W.O.W wot an amazing holiday...Sorry I cant be there...Have recently started in practise as a hypnotherapist and have just started my own blog whcih I have linked you're site to.
Check on my blog and leave a comment if you would be so kind :)

Anonymous said...

Wendi in a bikini!? State of comatose, not state of relaxation.

Are you blind?