Friday, November 10, 2006

A Bikini on your Body in 60 Days!

Will you take the challenge?

I want hundreds of people to commit to a 60 day challenge, use hypnosis, get fit, lose fat and put on a bikini!

Kirstie Alley did it on Oprah, you can do it on the internet.
Maybe Oprah will invite us all on the show in January!

Get yourself walking, running, and feeling good. That fat is going to drop off your body.
3-6 pounds a week, on hypnosis, veggies, and protein drinks.
In 60 days you will be 25-60 pounds lighter! And no matter what shape you are in, we will all celebrate the love of our body in our bikinis!

We will get this on TV and show how much we love our healthy, bikini clad bods!

Are you in?


stopsmoking said...

Hey Wendi,

I am a personal trainer in Toronto and I just wanted to let you know that I have recommended your Zen of Thin program to a couple of my clients and it has helped them soo much. You can check out my website at I am sure your programs will continue to help my clients get great results.

Everett said...

Wendi: Do you have any hypnotic treatment for Tinnitus? Thanks!