Friday, November 17, 2006

Not so Positive Thinking on Larry King

But Wendi, why don't you tell us what you really think?

Larry King and Positive Thinking- did you see the show last night?

You already know that I love the topic, but the show was milk toast.

Of course, manifesting wealth is an important topic and getting good at manifesting really will change EVERYTHING about your life. No question. But…

This show only made this topic seem more sappy and irrelevant than ever. The speakers had virtually nothing interesting or mind expanding to say.

People who are wildly successful know how powerful their intention is. They know how to focus on what they want and expect it to happen and they know that they have to completely resolve their internal conflicts with money to be successful.

The message is still good and has some value, but for the show and the questions he asked about Positive Thinking- you can think of it as Kindergarten for your abundance training.

Joe Vitale was on the show and he is my friend and he is excellent in the manifesting abundance arena. He is one of the best, and he did a great job on the show. There is science involved in manifesting and it can’t be ignored.

NOW, c’mon and join ME for the grad school of manifesting.

December 6th in San Francisco, spend a few hours with me. Get smart, get focused, and get serious about the science of Manifesting Money.

You will be a magnet to success. And you won’t get to say one lousy affirmation.

See you in San Francisco, Dec 6th. Get tickets now. This WILL sell out.

Peace on Earth,



Ellie said...

Hi Wendi...

Well I do agree - last night's show was a boring bomb... But -- I was impressed that at least someone on primetime tv is talking about positive thinking... So my thought is - while it all sounded so silly to me -- it just might get some people thinking... thinking then exploring the possibilities...

Now I have to say this: I do not have bad days. Nope I absolutely refuse to have a bad day. I might have a day filled with a gazillion bad moments - but I will not let anything label my entire day as bad! Sound Silly? Well it works for me -- It truly is my choice if I let things determine my outlook.

And - I don't have any problems. Problems sound so negative -- they sound hard to get out from. Challenges sounds like -- Hmm I could win this. And truthfully the last few years - I don't even say challenges anymore -- I look at it all as opportunities. What can I learn from this?

While it may sound corny or hokey - I do believe how I look at things - determine how I will feel about them -- and that will determine what is coming at me next - LOA

So not having "problems" and not having "bad days" -- has made my life a much sweeter playing field.


Ricarte said...


I found The Secret original documentary free on Google video at

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendi,

Many thanks for great your post & also your info. in today's widget about 'positive thinking', especially worthiness & how much I deserve. I hope that I can get more info. to learn more.

By: the Negative

Joe said...

Wendi, you are the most negative annoying person in the world.

Wendi Friesen said...

Hi Joe!
Wow, in the entire world? It's a big world... and I can think of at least a few more annoying people than myself.
I am in the business of helping people get positive and fix their lives, so Joe, I am hoping that elevates me just a few notches above being the most negative.

Have a wonderful, bliss filled day, Joe! May butterflies and rainbows follow you everywhere.