Saturday, November 04, 2006

Drive to Paris

What are you looking at?

The Louvre-
Twist your head around and you can enjoy the view as much as this guy seems to be enjoying it. In the USA a teacher was fired for taking her class to a museum where there was an exposed body part. I can imagine how traumatized all the kids in France must be, when they tour the Louvre. It is like the tour de penis, with no shortage of angles and interpretations. After spending time in France, I am more convinced than ever that the USA is on the verge of destruction.
If you can get fired for a field trip to a museum with a naked guy, you should spend a little time at the Louvre.
I got to see the Mona Lisa- of course.
Was shocked when i went into the ladies bathroom. There were MEN in there! Gasp, shock... seems to be standard fare around France.
Americans are sooooo hung up about stuff. Being in England and France made me realize how truly screwed up our country is- a grade school next to my room in London has a park. During recess the kids actually are allowed to run and play tag. And that is NOT allowed in California schools. No tag- no dodgeball- might get hurt, ya know.

Thursday -
My brother Tim and I drove back from La Rochelle to Paris. If you ever want to test the limits of your sanity, and venture into your mind's innermost patience, just try to return your rental car to paris.
Go ahead and pick the Hertz place near the Louvre, just so you can have the ultimate adventure.

Dare ya.

Life will never be the same. I just wanted to get from here to there.
See all those little tiny streets? Each section has a different name. And it is a long name.
Like Rue de saint la jounevivresequaontalesce, but just when you think you have found it on the map and are ready to make the turn (if you can find a mother f-ing street sign) it changes to some other street such as avenue de ra lu di daloutremauetriquesomeshityoucantunderstandorread.
Also notice on the map of paris that there is no direct route to anywhere.
But what a beautiful city. Oh my gosh, those little alleyways were so quaint, especially since i saw ALL of them in an unintentional 2 hour tour.
Dark, hungry, desperate... I told my brother I had a plan.

We would stop the car (yea, like there is a place to EVER pull over) and pull out some random wire under the hood, and then call hertz and tell them it broke down.
Brilliant, seriously.
Dont judge me. You weren't there.
But we didnt use that plan becuase there is NEVER ever a place to pull over.

This cathedral was amazing. It was somewhere between Paris and La Sable.
The acoustics were amazing (not sure we were actually supposed to be in there, however)
I sang a hymn, while I was in there, which echoed back at me with such amazing sound, it brought tears to my eyes.

I have been told that the French folks don't like Americans.
Interesting, but not true. The French people were wonderful, kind, helpful and always willing to help us learn a new phrase.
They also have great beds in the French hotels. Which is stangely not the case in any hotel in England so far.
How can you people sleep on a slab, with a bag of cement for a pillow? The nicest hotels in England and the beds are rock hard.

The seminar was last night. How fun it was, with 90 receptive minds and even His Excellency who came from the UAE to attend. I am honored and grateful for every one of you who attended. Some of you travelled a long ways to be here. Thank you! It means a lot.
We did our hypnotic best to learn the BIG O technique and at least a few moans and sighs were heard during our practice session.

That spot on the back of your hand will never be the same. I guarantee it.
The hypnosis technique for creating an orgasm is rather intriguing. It shows us that it really is all in our mind.
The hypnosis orgasm video is here. You can see a clip.
We also learned to use remote influence, manifest wealth, self hypnosis techniques, and hypnotic seduction, and learning to be great at names. You will never be bad at names again. I am sure of it.
Fun was had by all, yes indeed! A few of us met for breakfast this morning- after a 45 minute session of me getting lost while walking- again.

Back tomorrow with more pictures.

Next trip, I am set to go to the south coast. Anyone want to join me?


Lyndel Liming said...

My guess is the mystery machine was built by or for Anton Mesmer. People would hold the leads and magnitic flux supposedly ran thru them curing them of whatever was troubling them.


Sylvia said...

Is it a rounder?