Thursday, November 30, 2006

The First 50 Years

OK, the first 50 went pretty well.

Worked way too hard, played way too little, smelled not nearly enough roses.

The next 50- well, that starts today.
So far it looks pretty much the same as yesterday. A shower, shave legs, blow dry hair, put on make up, stare at a huge closet full of clothes and declare I have nothing to wear, drink coffee, take vitamins, hope for the best.

Coffee's on, cats are looking for food, found my reading glasses... pretty much the same so far.
My plan was to spend a month in Maui for the launch of the second 50, learning to paraglide off a cliff over the ocean.
Had a slight detour, but back on course soon.

My second 50 inlcludes a lot of warm ocean water, a large sailboat, sand and sunsets.
Right around the corner.

Love and light to all who share a dream!



Karen Humphrey said...

Happy Birthday!!

Mickey said...

Wow! I watched your birthday video and guessed wrong... I thought 40. You look fantastic!

Happy Birthday, Wendi, and have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Mickey.

I think I had better get the "How to Spot a Liar" program...

Tomas said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Wendi!!


and this is really not compliment, but I always thought you are in your late thirties

Don't you have some secret anti-aging cd? Gotta check that right now ;)

bethany said...

hi wendi
hapey balated birthday from a new fan and can not belive you are that old. You toataly look less then your age.

Anonymous said...

hey wendi
Happy birthday
i agree you look 40ish
must be all that clean living& Bottox maybe
keep smiling
your the best
LOL Noel U.K.(england)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Wendi! 50's a great age ... if I think hard, I can sorta remember it. ;-)