Saturday, November 04, 2006

Seminar Trance Junkies... post here

If you were at the London Seminar on Friday night... I want to hear from you. Post your thoughts, ideas, results of your dreams and how you are feeling about all the things we did. Hands were frozen, libidos were stimulated, minds were probed.
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Did you have your dream? Details... please...
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Aaron said...

I enjoyed the seminar hugely. It was delightful to feel that I had actually made the acquaintance of the person whose voice has become so familiar over the last couple of years.

Many thanks too for the enlightenment about self-sabotage and the ways in which we find benefit in negative past experience, thus blocking our ability to move forwards; as this makes sense of much of my ability to defeat self-discipline problems.

Many thanks again,

Aaron Shirley

Jeff said...

Hi there Wendi,
It was great to meet you and experience some first hand hypnosis from you. I really enjoyed the evening and came away with lots of new areas to explore and test further. The Big "O" session was fun, it challenged my 50+ year old british stiff upper lip and reserve. I did enjoy it, as did my partner for the session, if you will excuse the term! I was a bit concerned when Jacqui from Pensilvannia had such a great time and was very excited, I thought we might become engaged!!!
A really enjoyable part of the evening was also meeting others attending the session. There was a great richness and diversity of experience which we all shared.
I came away from the evening with lots of great memories, and some challenging and exciting thoughts for future personal development. As a personal learn, I really took on board the message of how important emotions are to locking down positive memories and developing reality such as in future pacing.
I won't wait until the Financial freedom session brings results, I'll be boooking the next seminar.

Jeff Whiting

heavenlylady59 said...

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Anonymous said...

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Tonitiger said...

Hi Wendi,

As a practising hypnotherapist, EFT and NLP practitioner, and Life Coach, I found the London seminar very interesting and entertaining.

I really got into the energy ball exercise and the remote hypnosis, as I am a great believer in the Law of Attraction and the amazing power of the mind body connection, even more so after recently watching 'The Secret' and reading the 'Biology of Belief' by Bruce Lipton. I have now also bought Candace Pert's book, 'Molecules of Emotion' on your recommendation to further my knowledge on this subject.

My colleague Rosemary and I also very much enjoyed the informal and very friendly Saturday morning breakfast meeting with you and Tim and a few others including Giuseppe, Jared, Jimmi, Veronica, Janice, Richard, Betty and Bill (I even remembered their names!).

We reluctantly tore ourselves away at around 12.30, soon after you left, only because we had to make our way to Euston Station to catch our train back to Manchester.

I sent you an e-mail (which you replied to, thank you!) on Saturday evening when I got home, along with a photo of you and I and am looking forward to seeing some other photos and video footage on this site in the near future.

I hope you had a safe trip home on Sunday and that you asked your subconscious mind in advance to refuse to allow any feelings of jet lag!

I feel sure that we will meet again some time in the future.

Until then, Love & Light, Toni x.